‘I wouldn’t be able to get the same price as Orion, let alone a better one’

Buying power and the ability to negotiate great prices is something individual farmers often lack.

Better deals only come from bulk buying, a fact appreciated by James Price, a long-time member of Orion Farming Group.

“If you walk into any trade place and pay ‘on account’, they treat you differently to if you’re paying cash,” said James.

“If it’s cash, they know you don’t spend enough to warrant a trade account. And you certainly don’t qualify for much discount. But being a member of Orion gives you that. You have the buying power, the clout, that you don’t have as an individual.”

James runs a large arable operation near Woodstock, Oxfordshire, making his main input costs chemicals, fertiliser and fuel. His father was a member of Orion Farming Group and it was seeing the prices and service that he benefited from that convinced James to continue the membership.

“I’ve inherited my father’s buying strategy,” James said. “But as my farming career has progressed, I’ve been happy to go with it.

“Being a member of Orion means I don’t have to haggle – they do it all for me – and in 90% of cases, I wouldn’t be able to get the same price, let alone a better one.”

It is the great relationship Orion has with a large network of suppliers that enables James to benefit from the best prices we can offer. Typically, compared to a farmer not in a buying group, our members save around:

  • 25% on livestock equipment and animal health products
  • 20% on fuel additives and lubricants
  • 20% on building and maintenance supplies
  • 11.5% on machinery and vehicle parts
  • 10% on general supplies
  • 5.5% on fuel
  • 5% on feed
  • 5% on chemicals
  • 4% on fertiliser and seed

But convenience is also a major reason for being a member.

“When it comes to the end of the month,” James said, “we only have to pay one bill. We might have bought chemicals or fertiliser, bags of cement or concrete lintels, it makes no difference, there’s only one bill, which makes the whole process very efficient.”

James added he would definitely recommend Orion to other farmers.  

“If you’re not a member, I would definitely recommend getting in touch,” he said. “Look beyond the upfront costs and you’ll find there are some great savings to be made. You’ll be surprised at the efficiencies Orion can bring to your farm business, both in terms of cost and time.”

To find out how much your farm business can save with Orion Farming Group, get in touch via our contact page or give us a call on (01865) 390011.

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