‘We’ve been with Orion a long time now and I still feel it’s very worthwhile’

Organic dairy farmer Jonathon Gantlett is a second-generation member of Orion Farming Group.

His father before him recognised the benefits Orion brings to its members, and passed that wisdom on.

That’s why more than 20 years after the family first joined, Jonathon still finds significant value in being a member.

“Even as an organic operation, there’s a lot Orion can offer us,” he said.

“There are significant savings to be had on the dairy side, bull semen supplies being a major example. We spend thousands on semen each year to ensure we maintain a top-quality herd. I would estimate that being part of Orion saves us around 25% on our annual costs.

 “But it doesn’t stop there. We save a lot across a range of other input costs too, be it dairy sundries, silage additive, building materials, fuel, fencing, oils, net wrap. It all adds up to a good amount.”

Jonathon keeps 180 dairy cows and followers near Shellingford, Oxfordshire, along with 200 ewes that graze the land around a solar panel farm.

He also farms around 200 acres of arable, mainly organic wheat.

He said that being a member of Orion made running his business more efficient, particularly the single invoice he receives at the end of the month.

He said: “Having just one invoice really simplifies our accounts. To have everything set out on one document is extremely useful when reconciling it with the bank.”

It is the great relationship Orion has with a large network of suppliers that enables Jonathon to realise such efficiencies. Typically, compared to a farmer not in a buying group, our members save around:

  • 25% on livestock equipment and animal health products
  • 20% on fuel additives and lubricants
  • 20% on building and maintenance supplies
  • 11.5% on machinery and vehicle parts
  • 10% on general supplies
  • 5.5% on fuel
  • 5% on feed
  • 5% on chemicals
  • 4% on fertiliser and seed

Jonathon agrees that these savings, coupled with the single monthly invoice and the buying clout that Orion offers its members, can benefit farmers of all types and sizes.

“As an organic farmer, it can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking a group like Orion won’t be able to offer you anything,” he said.

“But that simply isn’t true. We have been with Orion for a long time now and I still feel it is very worthwhile, so why not find out for yourself?”

To find out how much your farm business can save with Orion Farming Group, get in touch via our contact page or give us a call on (01865) 390011.

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