‘Orion’s admin costs are peanuts compared to the savings you make’

If Edward Green could buy all his business inputs through Orion Farming Group, he would.

Edward, who grows barley, rape and wheat on his 760-acre farm at Meysey Hampton, Gloucestershire, is welcoming plans to bring electric suppliers and telephone companies into the buying group’s network.

“We buy everything we can through Orion,” he says. “The more you buy, the better it is, so we’d welcome other business services. Anything Orion does that makes my farm business more efficient is another reason to stay a member.”

Edward joined Orion in 2003 after a family decision to leave the dairy industry and establish an arable operation. Initially, he tried ringing round fertiliser companies for a good deal, but soon realised he needed the buying power of a group.

“I can’t get the deals on fertilisers or chemicals they can,” Edward said. “Orion always comes up trumps on those. Not just with price but with service too. I walk the fields with my agronomist every week and we work out what we’re going to put where.

“He puts the order in and within 48 hours it’s on the farm. A week or 10 days from order and it’s on field, which is a quick turnaround.”

Edward added honest service is another reason he favours Orion.

“They always give an accurate time when product will arrive,” he said.

“They don’t say it’ll be with you on Monday if it’s going to be Wednesday, and if there’s a delay, they always let you know, meaning you can plan. You know where you stand with them, and that’s important.”

The quick service that Edward enjoys is a result of the great relationship Orion has with a large network of suppliers. These relationships enable us to offer our members great savings too. Typically, compared to a farmer not in a buying group, our members save around:

  • 25% on livestock equipment and animal health products
  • 20% on fuel additives and lubricants
  • 20% on building and maintenance supplies
  • 11.5% on machinery and vehicle parts
  • 10% on general supplies
  • 5.5% on fuel
  • 5% on feed
  • 5% on chemicals
  • 4% on fertiliser and seed

Edward described the cost of membership as ‘peanuts’ compared to the savings he makes, but added that the savings are more than just financial.

“We get one invoice on the 8th or 9th of the month and they take the money on the 22nd,” he said.

“This gives us plenty of time to go through it, which is a huge time saving compared to ploughing through a pile of separate invoices.

“Being a member makes everything easier and more efficient for us. If you’re not one already, you’ll probably find it would do the same for you.”

To find out how much your farm business can save with Orion Farming Group, get in touch via our contact page or give us a call on (01865) 390011.

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