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Orion Farming Group saves you money.

Across all our Members in 2019, on average Members saved £9,750, equivalent to 7% saving across all cost areas. You can work out the likely savings for your business by clicking on the button below to go to our online Orion Savings Ready Reckoner.

Click Here to go to the Orion ‘Savings Ready Reckoner’

Orion Farming Group saves you time.

Members surveyed across 2019 on average saved 180 hours per year by using Orion through:

  1. All supplier price searches are undertaken by the Orion Commodity Managers on a daily basis
  2. All invoicing is undertaken through Orion with the result that each Member just receives one itemised invoice each month rather than individual invoices from each supplier.

Let us help you to work out your savings

Once you have used the Ready Reckoner then get in touch and we can run some price benchmarks for you. Provide us with some recent invoices across categories of your choice and we can determine the exact prices and costs that we would have achieved with you as a Member.