‘The savings through Orion can be the difference between profit and loss’

Bringing clarity to his chemical costs was the impetus for Charles Spencer to first get in touch with Orion Farming Group.

Charles, who runs a mixed arable, dairy and poultry operation near Warminster, Wiltshire, wanted to separate his chemical costs from his agronomy costs, to better understand his annual spend.

“I was buying chemicals through my agronomist,” Charles said, “and I wanted greater transparency.

“It was immediately obvious Orion could provide the clarity I needed and save me time and money, so I decided to join. I’ve been a member for around 10 years now.”

Over that time, Charles has realised savings on a range of input costs which has helped make his business more profitable.

He said: “It started with chemicals, but I soon began buying seed corn, fertiliser, fuel and other supplies through Orion. I realised early on that the more you source, the more you save. I even made savings on insurance and health insurance, which I didn’t expect.

“I’m surprised farmers are reluctant to join groups like Orion, the savings add up and can be the difference between profit and loss.”

It is the great relationship Orion has with a large network of suppliers that enables Charles to benefit from great prices. Typically, compared to a farmer not in a buying group, our members save around:

  • 25% on livestock equipment and animal health products
  • 20% on fuel additives and lubricants
  • 20% on building and maintenance supplies
  • 11.5% on machinery and vehicle parts
  • 10% on general supplies
  • 5.5% on fuel
  • 5% on feed
  • 5% on chemicals
  • 4% on fertiliser and seed

But it isn’t just cost that has kept Charles a member for a decade; convenience is also an important factor.

“In the past when ordering fuel, I used to ring round a list of suppliers to see which was the cheapest. I don’t do that anymore – I just put a call into Orion,” Charles said.

“That level of service, combined with a single invoice which reduces my admin work, means I’m free to focus on the thing I love the most … running my farm. Why not find out if Orion Farming Group can do the same for you?”

To find out how much your farm business can save with Orion Farming Group, get in touch via our contact page or give us a call on (01865) 390011.

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