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Orion is a farmer owned and controlled buying group, run for our Members, not for profit

Orion Farming Group supports over 300 members with buying inputs and processing supplier invoices & payments. Group buying experience dates back to 1960 and Orion’s friendly, helpful administrative team are on hand to support Members with finding the best purchase price, and investigate product and service enquiries.

Orion Members access over 400 supplier accounts, and benefit from discounted rates. Orion Suppliers cover a wide range of products, from core farm inputs to everything needed to run a successful business.

High quality, low cost, procurement service

  • Discounted supplier rates (up to 60%)

  • 1 monthly statement – supplier invoices collated
  • 1 monthly payment – discharging group supplier invoices

There are 4 great reasons why now is the best time to join Orion Farming Group. Click below to find out more..

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